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How to Successfully Hire a Forensic Document Examiner

Are you looking to use a document examination service but do not know where or how to begin. As is always the case, the most vital indicator of a professional that is worth for hire is his competence in the job. It means to say that he possesses the ability to perform the task correctly and really well. In the realm of finding a document examiner to hire, this criteria applies too. Your document examiner should make the right conclusions on your documents that are placed in question as well as provide proofs in an accurate and vivid manner before the court of law. If you are into the track of finding and hiring a forensic document examiner, then the tips outlined below can do you a great help.

Guidelines in Selecting a Forensic Document Examiner

1. Board Certification

Credentials help you identify if the forensic scientist you are eyeing at or meeting is a good candidate. Hence, it is important that you check if the person has board certification. If he has, that is a good news but never the end of the story. Unbeknown to many, even the very board certification of the forensic scientist needs to be checked out further. Take note that board certifications come in different types and ranges between various organizations. You have to spend time investigation the board certification possessed and presented by the forensic scientist before you decide to have him for the job. Sad to say, their forensic document examiners who hold a board certification but have never gone through the standard testing. Whatever is the cause of them being able to acquire such a certification, it is clear that the certification is not able to vouch for their competence in the field.

2. Working Capability

Unlike lawyers, doctors and engineers, there is no school that offers a bachelor course for document examination. Although there is a few that offers short-term courses and training in the area, these are evidently not enough to produce a skilled and competent professional in the field of document examination. However, if the document examiner has engaged is self-study, there is no way he cannot learn what he must and excel in the area. If you have got a few candidates for this job, then it is important to check their profile and achievement line-up. Check if they have published books in document examination, have been a speaker in programs related to document examination, have been a part of associations related to document examination, and so on and so forth.

3. Answers to Questions

Before you finalize your decision in terms of hiring a forensic document examination, it is critical to ask a number of purposive questions first. Other than questions that are directed to unveil the candidates background, it matters to ask also ask about his experience in the development of handwriting starting from childhood up to graphic maturity. You should also inquire if he has even been studying on the factors that are directly affecting the handwriting like for instance drug intake, trauma and others. It is equally necessary to ask if he has ever conduct any type of research that is related to the field of document examination.

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